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Children's Eye Care

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Because over 80% of our learning is visual-related, we understand how vital it is to ensure your child's vision and eye health is well looked after. We recommend that children should have their eyes examined regularly, particularly from school-going age, or at any earlier age if there are any particular concerns or a family history of eye troubles.


We take our children's examinations as seriously as adult ones, just in a more child-friendly manner! During the examination, we'll check your child’s eyes and vision against expected levels of development appropriate for their age. We’ll then discuss the results and treatment options (if required) clearly with you. 

If they need to wear glasses, we have a great range of frames to choose from - trendy or classic - sure to get a thumbs up from even the most discerning young adult!

Contact lenses are also a great option for many children - please see below for more details.

contact lenses for kids and adults near me in st albans england

Children and Contact Lenses


Contact lens wear can have a positive effect on a child's confidence and ability to concentrate in class, meaning better results and happier children. If your child is active and plays sports, then contact lenses may be the ideal choice for them. They will benefit visually from better depth perception, a wider field of view and all round better stability of vision. Contact lenses can also help to improve hand eye co-ordination which can result in improved sporting performance.


We regularly prescribe contact lenses to children to help restore clear vision. We will assess each child individually and advise on whether they are suitable for contact lens wear. A variety of contact lens options are available for children, including disposable lenses, reusable lenses and ortho-k. 

Book Your Eye Examination Now

Principal Optometrist and owner Justin Hardy, or one of our other experienced Optometrists, will conduct a thorough 45 minute consultation with you. Taking the extra time to talk to you and understand your specific vision needs, we’ ll be able to give you personalised advice and recommendations that will make a difference to you.

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