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The most advanced eyewear technology

Serengeti® make the most technically advanced eyewear available. High performance Photochromic and Polarized lenses with Spectral Control® are specifically tailored to care for the eyes of drivers and pilots in ever changing conditions. The products themselves are crafted from the highest quality materials and are styled with an elegance that endures the test of time.​

Not every sunglass brand has the vision to merge three industry-defining technologies into one ultra-superior lens. Then again, innovation has always been inherent in our DNA. With gradually-adjusting Photochromic lenses, naturally color-enhancing Spectral Control® filters, and glare-reducing Polarization, every Serengeti® lens is unique — and every frame is fashionable.

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sunglasses for kids and adults near me in st albans england

RX Prescription Programme



Software using the most advanced calculations is used to create customized lenses and the ultimate in comfort and lightweight products. Every prescription is reassessed to compensate for optical distortions related to the frame wrap angle.

When the prescription reaches the limits of the conventional digital surfacing method, our patented algorithm calculates the best lens geometry regarding the optical area and the transition zone, and reduces the edge thickness (US patent number 8,002,404). Every product is customized to the prescription, frame, and wearer’s facial metrics and is precisely surfaced thanks to the last digital lens surfacing technology.

eye care for kids and adults near me in st albans england





Built with NXT® technology and Trivex material, VARIODRIVE lenses are the perfect balance of optical and physical performance. Highly durable, they are also up to 72% thinner and 45% lighter than conventional prescription lenses.


Available in Single Vision with conventional surfacing and VARIODRIVE Thin Design (Digital surfacing) for high prescriptions (Please refer to the website for further details) as well as in progressive lenses (Digital surfacing). Stunning visual definition. Unsurpassed comfort. Flawless quality.

eye care for kids and adults near me in st albans england

Book Your Eye Examination Now

Principal Optometrist and owner Justin Hardy, or one of our other experienced Optometrists, will conduct a thorough 45 minute consultation with you. Taking the extra time to talk to you and understand your specific vision needs, we’ ll be able to give you personalised advice and recommendations that will make a difference to you.

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