All about Contact Lenses

Whether you want lenses to wear every day or just for a certain occasion or activity, we’ll have the right contact lens option for you.


Broadly speaking, contact lenses can either be soft or gas permeable.

SOFT lenses may be in the form of single-use daily disposable lenses, or reusable (typically replaced on a 2-weekly or monthly basis). Options are available for long or short sightedness, astigmatism as well as multifocal designs.


GAS PERMEABLE lenses are more durable and are often better suited for more complex prescriptions and specialised fittings. Options are available as per soft lens designs, as well as for keratoconus, more irregular shaped eyes and those not suited to soft lens designs.


ORTHOKERATOLOGY (Ortho K) are specialised lenses that are worn at night and gently reshape the curve of the cornea on the front of the eye while you sleep to correct your vision. The lenses are removed in the morning and give you clear vision all day without needing glasses or contact lenses. Ortho K lenses are also used for                                 to slow down myopia progression in children

Gas Permeable (rigid) lens wear guide
Soft contact lens wear guide