Coronavirus Information

Following recent guidance from our regulatory bodies, I am pleased to report we can get one step closer to behaving normally, and the scope of who we can see for appointments has increased. This still needs to be classified as emergency or essential care, however as scheduled eye care services have remained suspended over the last number of weeks, inevitably there is now an expanded range of situations where individual patient needs are likely to be regarded as essential. 


If you feel you fall into any of the following groups, then it is now possible for us to arrange an examination appointment for you.

  • You have a minor reduction in vision and/or are “making do” with older spectacles, sunglasses or contact lenses with an out-of-date prescription for vision-dependent tasks such as working or driving.

  • You are feeling anxious about your vision and feel that it is affecting your well-being, perhaps because you are long overdue an appointment or have other specific clinical risk factors requiring more regular monitoring.

We are required to consider these on a case by case basis to ensure that a face to face appointment is appropriate. 

If you feel you require help right now, even if you are not yet due your next appointment, please contact us on 01727866830 or 


For more routine appointments, we are hopeful to be resuming these services in July.


The following measures have been implemented to ensure the practice is safe for you to visit


Social distancing measures

We have always set appointment times that are more than twice the industry average because we found that to provide truly individual service that gets the best results, we needed to invest extra time with every client. We have always preferred to see fewer people in a day in order to be able to do superior work. This is also a more enjoyable way for us to work and it's the reason we have such a good relationship with our clients.

This will obviously continue and we will still maintain an appointment system for all our services to ensure that the number of people in the practice is always manageable, controlled and within social distancing guidelines.


Hand-Sanitising Station 

We have a hand sanitising dispenser at reception for you to use when you enter the practice and any other time you may need it during your visit to us.


Sneeze Guards

To keep us all safe while still being able to enjoy the interaction with a member of the team. These screens are 100% compatible with smiles, eye contact, and even laughter and will allow us to continue to be human beings!


Face Masks and PPE

Appropriate PPE will be used by the optometrist during your examination and any other instance where a 2m distance is not possible (like frame fitting and adjustments, for example). Breath shields have been fitted to the equipment as necessary so we have everything in place to keep you safe while you are in the examination room.

While it is not mandatory for you to be wearing a mask, if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask in the practice this is obviously perfectly acceptable and will not interfere with the examination process in any way. If you are concerned and have forgotten to bring your own mask, I will also have some masks available for you.


UVC Sterilising Unit

We have ordered a UVC sterilising unit, which has shown to be effective at killing nasty unwanted viruses. All frames that have been tried on will be sterilised after each use, so you can be sure the frames you try are safe to put on. Advertisements for similar units have advocated their use for mobile phones and underwear as well, although we certainly will not be expecting you to make use of that facility!

Video Eyewear Styling Consultations

For those who need new glasses but are unable to attend the practice, perhaps due to shielding or self-isolation, we can arrange a Video Eyewear Styling Consultation, to help clients via video on frame and lens selection and then shipping a selection of frames for you to try on at home, with the guidance of an eyewear expert via video. If you'd like to look at new frames or sunglasses and would be interested in this service, just contact the practice and we will happily contact you to make the necessary arrangements.

Updated 28 May 2020